JKC Travel Guides

When you travel, you need tourist information and recommendations that are pertinent to you. For the East Asian tourist (Japanese-Korean-Chinese), JKC Travel Guides help you get the most of your vacation.

JKC's Ireland 2018.

JKC's Ireland 2018 is the product of eating, sleeping, and sightseeing as an East Asian tourist  in the Emerald Isle.


Better Grades

Better Grades boils down The 9 Keys to Unlock what you need to know for success after high school. Whether it is vocational trades, college, or university, academic success means higher grades and deeper understanding of the subject matter.



The 9 Keys to Unlock What You Need to Know shares with trade school, college, and university students the hidden value of all those non-class activities and events on campus. Indispensable skills like running a meeting and running a PR strategy for an event are among the many opportunities available to forward-thinkers. Be one of them and make YOUR campus life a success!!


Launching your career

The 9 Keys to Unlock What You Need to Know presents how to sidestep the label of ‘failure to launch’. Janice Seto shares how to launch your career right.



The 9 Signs that You are About to Lose your Job shares with all of us working in covid times what to look out for. In unprecedented times, sometimes you should consider unconventional advice from an unconventional voice.


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