Book Series

Part 1

The System for Women, Part 1: Doc Love Lessons from Betty Neels Books by author Janice Seto shows how extensive research by Doc Love ( into successful relationships takes shape in the gentlemen and the ladies in the over 130 Harlequin/Mills & Boon stories by Betty Neels - and these translate into timeless lessons for today's modern reader.

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Part 2

In this second book in her series on relationships inspired by Thomas Hodges of, this time author Janice Seto puts the men in Betty Neels romances under the microscope. The System for Women, Part 2: Doc Love Lessons in Betty Neels Heroes introduces you to the ideal hero, the Gentleman and his hangers-on that include the Macho Boy, the Teddy Bear, the Wimpus Americanus.

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Part 3

In this third book on her series on relationships inspired by Thomas Hodges, author Janice Seto examines female happiness. The System for Women, Part 3: Doc Love Lesssons in Betty Neels Heroines keeps it simple: bid good-bye to Blockers and other Veronicas and embrace your time-saving Reality Factors and the Bottom Line.

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Part 4

In this fourth book in her series on relationships inspired by Thomas Hodges, Janice Seto looks past 'I do'. The System for Women, Part 4: Doc Love Lessons in Betty Neels Happily Ever After lays out Doc Love's Maintenance Program for keeping Ms Right in love. The author also reveals the three Black Swans of a hell-on-earth relationship.

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Janice Seto

Author Of The Dancing Zodiac
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