Janice Seto

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author
JANICE SETO with a background in sales, marketing, hospitality, labour relations, education, and consulting in human performance, writes non-fiction and commentary. Her book, Save Your Breath: Making Better Deals by Talking Less is an expansion on her article on negotiating, for The Bridge, the publication of The Malaysia-Canada Business Council.
Awards And Nominations

Janice Seto is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Community College division, the Yoga Alliance, the International Association for Community Development, and the International Enneagram Association

  • 2017 - Best Amazon Bestseller list - Bowmanville’s Octagon House
  • 2016 - Most Popular Author, Readers Choice
  • 2016, May - Best Selling Book - Gemini
  • 2016 - Best Adventure Book Nomination - Leo


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