How I Write

Main Working Principles

The Most Important Steps To Follow

Write A Lot

I am keeping a daily PD journal in my iPad Mini in the Notes app. Some principal/Vice Principal years ago mentioned to us to write something to PROVE as a teacher that you are keeping up.

Read A Lot

(Like teachers don't have enough to do?) With technology, I read on my iPad Mini, find a quotation i like, and copy-and paste. So sometimes I read something and then take that thread and read more occasionally, it triggers something and then it becomes a longer piece that turns into an article (or a book).

Spread Your Ideas

I tend to use a mind map and it looks like a 'spider dipped in ink'. And I often have to update my mind maps for my non-fiction, I derive an outline from the mind maps and then use a template and insert that chapter headings and then go!

My Tools

My Most Important Tools