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The System: Keeping your Princess in Love, For Gentlemen Only

The System: Keeping your Princess in Love, For Gentlemen Only, Part 1 (The System for Royals) When a Gentleman finds Ms Right, she transforms into his princess and he becomes her knight in shining armor. But only with The System by Doc Love can he have chance of keeping Her Highness in love with him.... View Book

JKC’s Argentina 2019

JKC’s Argentina 2019: The Quick Guide For East Asian Tourists (JKC Travels Book 2) The coloring book of the bilingual Cree-English story of little Mimi and her puppy, Maskwa, marching with her family for clean water is inspired by real-life events in Pukatawagan. In July 1994, the people of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation had... View Book

JKC’s Ireland 2019

JKC’s Ireland 2019: The Quick Guide For East Asian Tourists (JKC’s Travels Book 1) Guide books for tourists cast their nets far and wide to appeal to a wide variety of people, and the results are . This series, The Quick Guide for East Asian Tourists, takes the opposite perspective. Our focus is on the... View Book

The System for Her

Remember those classical novels your high school literature department was forced to teach you? These contain and reinforce Doc Love’s wisdom known as The System! Janice Seto, author of the series The System for Her shares how the characters in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice are seen through The System. The major players in The System are all here - the Gentleman, the Blocker, the Drama Queen et al! These insights from select great books in the western canon show how a HEA, Betty Neels-style, is a natural outcome, for some... If you don’t currently have enough time to read The System for Her and the novels by Betty Neels, then this is a quick-read introduction. * That’s not Pemberley on the cover - this is Toronto’s St Lawrence Hall, photographed in 2018 by author Janice Seto * View Book

Johnny’s Place

Johnny's Place - The Coronation Restaurant is written introspectively of her father, Johnny Seto, in his 50some years as the manager of the Coronation Restaurant. Situated at the historic Four Corners of Bowmanville, the Coronation was for many years has been a key gathering spot in town. Illustrated with black & white and colour images and a new cover, this book also features postcards to Johnny from customers. As well as a smalltown restaurant, the Coronation saw many immigrants from China passing on their own personal journey to making Canada their home. This book adds to the ethnohistoric records of Bowmanville which celebrated in 2008 its 150th anniversary.     View Book

Iqaluit for Fabulous Singles

Canada’s Arctic has never been more in the public eye. Climate change, emerging Inuit artists, and International Polar Year and resource development together make The Circumpolar North a hot place to be. With Nunavut entering its second decade as a new territory in Canada, the capitol city of Iqaluit struts into the spotlight. And on the other hand, you have heard horror stories about $8 for milk, all the stores running out of toilet paper, and weeks of – 45C temperatures. Short staffing and high turnover of employees may bring on some anxiety about the working conditions. Not to mention tales of the low number of available single people to date…! View Book

Standing Out in the Background

If you always wanted to get in front of the camera in show business, and you have no idea how to go about it, keep reading for the answers. This guide is a quick-read on effective strategies to get work in the competitive creative arts industry in Toronto. Despite my 2 left feet, the vocal range of an Arctic char, and the inability to bluff at bridge, I have gotten work in front of the camera, being hired as Background talent (also known as an Extra, which I will refer to as Background Talent/Extra work or BTE) and met many others who shared their secrets. View Book

Bowmanville’s Octagon House

Bowmanville's Octagon House: From Church, Faith & Tait to Irwin & Seto

View Book

Johnny Seto’s Bowmanville

Sequel to Johnny's Place: The Coronation Restaurant in Bowmanville, author Janice Seto presents an overview of Johnny Seto's 60 years in Bowmanville, from young Cantonese Chinese immigrant to a restaurant proprietor and fully-engaged resident in the life of small-town Ontario, Canada. Included in Johnny Seto's Bowmanville is an overview of the Enneagram personality typology. View Book
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Bowmanville’s Octagon House

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JANICE SETO with a background in sales, marketing, hospitality, labour relations, education, and consulting in human performance, writes non-fiction and commentary. Her book, Save Your Breath: Making Better Deals by Talking Less is an expansion on her article on negotiating, for The Bridge, the publication of The Malaysia-Canada Business Council.