JKC’s Argentina 2019


JKC’s Argentina 2019: The Quick Guide For East Asian Tourists (JKC Travels Book 2)

The coloring book of the bilingual Cree-English story of little Mimi and her puppy, Maskwa, marching with her family for clean water is inspired by real-life events in Pukatawagan. In July 1994, the people of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation had been sickened for over 6 months by highly-contaminated water. Weary of delays by various authorities to repair the faulty water-sewage system, the community decided to take their concerns on a 800 kilometre trek south to Winnipeg – The Journey for Life – right to the Manitoba legislature. The Journey for Life by Pukatawagan children, women, men, and elders for clean water is a significant event of peaceful activism in Canada’s First Nations history.


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