JKC’s Ireland 2019


JKC’s Ireland 2019: The Quick Guide For East Asian Tourists (JKC’s Travels Book 1)

Guide books for tourists cast their nets far and wide to appeal to a wide variety of people, and the results are . This series, The Quick Guide for East Asian Tourists, takes the opposite perspective. Our focus is on the interests of ethnic Japanese, Korean, and Chinese tourists.

These days, however, East Asians are increasingly on the road, independently and visibly. As a supplement to standard guide books, this series offers the view from the JKC perspective.

Besides the scenery, sites, and shopping, #1 USP reason to visit Ireland is meal time where fresh ingredients and the friendly Irish people bring together the best of the country and culture.


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  1. mmi g

    A guide for anyone interested in Ireland and Northern Ireland
    This book would be valuable to anyone, not only East Asians. It is an interesting look at not only sights and sites, with photographs, but very interesting nuggets of Irish history are included.
    Well written, it is a book that is hard to put down until the end.

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